Rainmaker Government Proposal Solutions, or Rainmaker GPS, works in partnership with our clients to secure government contracts, increase profitability, garner name recognition, and develop and implement long-term plans for growth and sustainability. The Rainmaker GPS approach to client success stems from its understanding of and adherence to well-defined, superior business development, and capture management strategies that give our clients a competitive advantage in the proposal development and response process.


When we speak of the Rainmaker GPS Opportunity in reference to Sun Tzu’s multiplication of opportunities, we refer specifically to the competitive advantage Rainmaker GPS affords its clients through adherence to time-tested, superior tactics, and the application of leading treatises on strategy and implementation as they relate to competitive environments – those milieus where companies find themselves contesting with one another for a specific goal (contract opportunity). Over time, the inclusion of Rainmaker GPS in a company’s proposal writing and management processes gives our clients a sustainable competitive advantage that becomes an integral component of the firm’s overall corporate strategy.

The competition among contractors in today’s federal marketplace is tougher, smarter, and faster than at any other time in history – and, there is more competition resulting in a highly competitive federal marketplace. This hyper-competition has resulted in an environment where the rate of change in the competitive process is in such flux that only the most adaptive, fleet, and nimble organizations will survive.

Sun Tzu's The Art of War is one of the world's leading sources on strategy and competition. While written more than 2500 years ago in approximately 500 B.C., it remains a leading discourse on confronting and defeating opponents through superior strategy. Rainmaker GPS’ process for determining client differentiators is based, in part, on the concepts learned from Sun Tzu. It is through this client differentiator process that we have created our differentiation strategies and developed a query system that gives us the ability to determine quickly the sustainable competitive advantages (and differentiators) that our clients possess.  

Rainmaker GPS recognizes the challenges that face small- to mid-sized organizations. Our practice focuses on serving this market segment and is not limited by industry or stage of growth. Our full range of proposal writing, proofing, editing, and management services and solutions help business owners and managers overcome the financial, marketing, expansion, and regulatory problems experienced by all growing companies. We do what we do best, while our clients focus on their core competencies and do what they do best – an unbeatable business strategy and proven formula for success.


For more than 37 years, the professionals of Rainmaker GPS have acted as principal outside advisors or in-house consultants for greater than 420 companies in more than 20 industries. At Rainmaker GPS, we recognize that our clients’ functional, technical and/or industry requirements drive our engagement. We focus on cost-effective solutions and provide timely recommendations and results. We are specialists in leveraging our clients’ existing infrastructure and resources whenever possible, and we understand that knowledge transfer is a deliverable. Our experienced business professionals proactively manage scope, objectives, and costs while remaining fully committed to our clients’ satisfaction and success.