Tlaloc, Chac, and other famous Rainmakers
Aztec Rain God Tlaloc

In Aztec, Mayan, and other world mythologies, a Rainmaker, or rain god, brings rain to the earth to make things grow - giving man the sustenance that he needs to live. The Aztec rain god Tlaloc (Nahuatl (language of the Aztecs) – he who makes things sprout) was the most important of the Aztec deities, governing the sphere of water, fertility, and agriculture. Tlaloc is depicted in the image to the right. Tlaloc's characteristic features were strikingly similar to those of Chac, the Mayan god of rain, agriculture, fertility, and lightning.

In the modern world, the term Rainmaker can apply to anyone – from the salesperson who always finishes first in sales to the engineer who consistently finds innovative ways to present a company’s products or services. In the purest sense, a Rainmaker is a difference maker.

Just as too little rain causes drought and prevents vegetation (or your business) from thriving, too much rain causes flooding which leads to devastation. Likewise, too much business, or the search for too much business, over a limited period, can stretch the management and operational resources of a business to the point of destruction.

At Rainmaker GPS, we are difference makers! We have developed a delicate balance in the management of our client engagements by greatly reducing both the physical stress and resource drain caused by the proposal writing and management processes.