Meridian is the revolutionary new government contractor growth management system designed to eliminate the cost, hassle, and frustration of locating, vetting, responding to, and managing government proposals and the time-consuming and expensive processes associated with capture management and contract pursuit. 
Meridian includes six primary components:

Onboarding - where Meridian begins. Onboarding is our knowledge gathering and information phase, the results of which include the creation of a company's strategic marketing plan know as the Opportunity Profile.
RainOpps - proprietary Opportunity Research and Discovery Processes and System. RainOpps results in the creation of a client's Opportunity Pipeline, a company's Strategic Federal Marketing Plan. Check out the "RainOpps" logo to the left for detailed information on this unique and proprietary system and capture solutions. 
WinCasting - computer-assisted dissection and analysis of the Opportunity Pipeline where 130 solicitation requirements and client-specific attributes and components are vetted and analyzed against each potential contract in the Opportunity Pipeline. The "WinCasting" logo will direct you to the amazing and time-saving benefits of this system.
OMARS - our Opportunity Management and Response System. The "OMARS" logo to the left offers a summary of our services and solutions and provides an overview of our success in proposal writing and management over the past 37 years. 
Prōcess - designed to increase efficiency and greatly reduce capture management and proposal response time, costs, and frustration. Prōcess is a compilation of all company processes, procedures, templates, and documents that are included every Meridian program component (Onboarding - RainOpps - WinCasting - OMARS - Prōcess) specific to securing government contracts. The "Prōcess" logo to the left will guide you through this most important system and its associated solutions and will provide a detailed analysis of why a company cannot sustain or manage growth without it. 
The Library - our document repository of everything created during the capture and proposal management processes. The "The Library" logo to the left will take you to detailed information on the benefits and attributes of this unique and valuable system and solution.