Welcome to OMARSTM

Rainmaker’s Opportunity Management and Response System (OMARS) is the revolutionary new government contractor growth management system designed to eliminate the cost, hassle, and frustration of locating, vetting, responding to, and managing government proposals and the time-consuming and expensive processes associated with capture management and contract pursuit. OMARS is the compilation of each of the components, and several dozen subcomponents, necessary to locate, monitor, respond to, manage, and win contracts – government (federal, state) contracts, commercial contracts, grants, and subcontracts.

How Does OMARS Work?

A company enters the OMARS program and is Onboarded. This is our knowledge gathering and information collection phase. During Onboarding, we collect information, we collect knowledge, and we collect goals and objectives. We collect all relative and pertinent data and information regarding a company and its key personnel’s experience, past performance, expertise, and capabilities. And, we do this very quickly and with minimal interference or interruption in a client’s operations.

Armed with the knowledge we have collected during Onboarding, we move to RainOpps – our exclusive opportunity research, discovery, vetting, and management processes and program developed by RainmakerIntelligence. RainOpps is the Design and Building Phase (think of the architectural design phase of a construction project) where we take the information we collected during Onboarding and dichotomize it, catalog it, and analyze it. From this information, we develop a company’s Opportunity Profile – the compilation and analysis of everything the company does, where and when it has done it, and what is seeks to do in the future.

The Opportunity Profile allows us to match a company’s capabilities and experience to the current (within 60 days) and short/mid-range (180-day) forecasts of contract opportunities using each of the 12 databases accessed by our RainOpps system and personnel (see RainOpps). When the matching process is completed, we have a list, or Pipeline, of federal, state, local, and/or educational institution contract opportunity that falls within the company’s wheelhouse. We know exactly what the company does, what types of contracts it can win, and which contract opportunities should be winnable. Oh, and this matching process is performed, and the Pipeline is updated, every business day.

WinCasting (WinCasting) is our deep dive into each contract opportunity in the Pipeline to determine the winnability of that contract. We score each opportunity using our revolutionary and proprietary WinCasting system to determine whether the contract is worth pursuing. In 2016, one out of every 21 opportunities that passed from RainOpps to WinCasting was deemed winnable by WinCasting. WinCasting ensures a company spends its proposal writing and information gathering time and resources only on opportunities that can be won.

Writing the Proposal

Finally, we write the proposal, something Rainmaker GPS has been doing for more than four decades. The unique and successful Rainmaker GPS proposal preparation and response process was designed and is managed by experts in business processes, business logistics, and the law. By combining commercial best practices with 37+ years of government proposal writing and management experience and success, Rainmaker GPS is, to put it succinctly, different.

Quite often, the Rainmaker GPS proposal management team spends as much time reading and re-reading a solicitation, researching an agency’s goals and objectives and listening to subject matter experts (SMEs) with intimate knowledge of the history of the government agency and its to-be-awarded contract than we do in any other area of our proposal writing and management functions. In many cases, what the government agency is actual seeking in a winning response to a problem or issue that is well hidden within the solicitation.

In the Art of War, ancient Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher Sun Tzu declared, “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war – defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” In the world of federal government proposal writing and management, Rainmaker GPS believes that “the true purpose and underlying objective of the solicitation and contracting agency must be determined before the writing begins.” In other words, the contract needs to be won before the proposal is written.

The Rainmaker GPS proposal preparation, writing, and management teams use proprietary solicitation analyses, data collection processes and methodologies, compliance matrices, evaluation point maximization methodologies, and a proposal management process that we have developed and fine-tuned over the past four decades. We focus on win themes and differentiators that set our client apart from the competition as part of our proposal response process and weave the unique attributes of our client throughout the proposal. We ensure that the proposal is fully responsive to the solicitation requirements, and is focused on the objectives and requirements of the client/agency.