Prōcess is a proprietary business process and template system developed by Rainmaker GPS that included in the Meridian and Rainmaker VAP programs. Prōcess took 18 months to develop and includes 38 years of processes and templates developed, modified, updated, and fine-tuned by the Rainmaker capture and proposal management teams. While Prōcess  can be purchased as a stand-alone system and solution, it is almost always purchased with The Library (see "The Library"). It is also included as part of the Meridian or Rainmaker VAP turnkey programs at no additional cost. 

We used to state that use of the Prōcess system should save a company time, money, and frustration - after more than 18 months of use and analysis, today we can unequivocally state that the Prōcess system increases efficiency and greatly reduces capture management and proposal development (writing and management) time while significantly reducing across-the-board capture and proposal management costs.  

Prōcess includes the creation of client-specific templates for every capture management and proposal element. From customized proposal response templates and documents to the more than 60 capture and proposal response processes and procedures, Prōcess and its Professional Business Processes are a mandatory element of the competitive strategy of a company in any stage of growth.