Discovering Contract Opportunities for the OMARS and VAP Pipelines

RainOpps is a proprietary opportunity research – discovery – vetting – and management process and program developed by RainmakerIntelligence. RainOpps is available only to Meridian, OMARS (Opportunity Management and Response System) and/or Rainmaker VAP (Virtual Accelerator Program) clients.


RainOpps includes, but is not limited to, the following:


- Continuous research, analysis, and strategies using numerous government and commercial research sites and databases

- Industry connections and discussions

- Industry forecasts and research

- Continuous monitoring of agency websites and communications for opportunities that align

   with client capabilities, competencies, and experience

- Creation and continuous updating of tracking spreadsheet(s), analyses, and studies of all



For Meridian, OMARS, and VAP clients, when a potential opportunity is discovered, it goes through a preliminary vetting process against the client’s “hunting goals” as determined during the Onboarding Process.

If a contract opportunity passes this preliminary vetting, it is entered into the company's Opportunity Pipeline and is transferred to WinCasting where we perform a detailed, computer-assisted dissection of the solicitation and an analysis and scoring of more than 130 contract opportunity components to see if the opportunity is worthy of pursuit, e.g., is the WinCast score high enough to warrant the time* required to develop and submit a proposal?

* The cost of pursuing an opportunity and submitting a proposal is not considered when an opportunity is being evaluated by WinCasting because all Meridian, OMARS, and Rainmaker VAP clients receive unlimited proposal writing and management support for a fixed monthly fee.