WinCasting is a detailed, computer-assisted attribute mapping and solicitation dissection system that analyzes every opportunity in a company's Opportunity Pipeline created during the RainOpps process from information collected and analyzed during Onboarding WinCasting includes the analysis of a company's or team's attributes (experience, expertise, technical writing ability and time, past performance, key personnel, client intimacy, etc.) which are vetted and scored against the 130 solicitation components used by the WinCasting system. These include:

Solicitation Requirements Scoring (generally pass/fail scoring) - 19 analysis components
Strategic Scoring - 30 analysis components including incumbent and competitor analysis
Timeline Scoring - 12 analysis components
Writing Requirements Scoring - 64 analysis components
Awardee Scoring - 5 analysis components

There is nothing traditional or typical about the WinCasting system - it develops its WinCast Score using a process that is almost the completed opposite of how government opportunities are generally vetted and evaluated for winnability.