Rainmaker GPS - Professional Proposal Writers

While we have become highly proficient during the past 37 years in all areas of proposal development, the professionals at Rainmaker GPS are first and foremost "professional proposal writers". We have written every type of proposal for virtually every industry ranging from small construction project proposals presented to the Army Corps of Engineers to multi-billion dollar proposals for the space and defense industries to the largest Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) proposal responses in the history of the information technology industry. Our completed projects total in the thousands. We have been very successful.


Why is Rainmaker GPS So Successful?


As previously stated, the uniquely and highly successful Rainmaker GPS proposal response process was designed and is managed by experts in business processes, business logistics, and the law. By combining commercial best practices with more than 37 years of government proposal writing experience and success, Rainmaker GPS is, to put it succinctly, different.

So how does Rainmaker GPS eliminate surprises and operate in a stress-free proposal environment? In one wordpreparation. As noted in Proposal Preparation, there is an old English proverb that states, “Measure Twice – Cut Once.” At Rainmaker GPS, we live by these words.

Before we write, we read. Then we dissect and we read again. Quite often we spend as much time analyzing a solicitation, researching an agency’s goals and objectives, and listening to SMEs (subject matter experts) with intimate knowledge of the history of the government agency and its to-be-awarded contract than we do in any other area of our proposal writing and management functions. More times than not, what we discover is what the government agency is actually seeking in a proposal response based upon information that is either well hidden within or not even a part of the solicitation.