The Rainmaker GPS Proposal Management Document
Rainmaker GPS has been using a formal Proposal Management Document (PMD) as part of its internal proposal management processes since 1983, before the introduction of the personal computer (1984) or the Microsoft Office Suite (1992). Following the Old English Proverb (and Rainmaker GPS corporate mandate) of “Measure Twice – Cut Once", every element of the proposal response is planned, reviewed, implemented, managed, and completed using the Rainmaker GPS PMD as its road map. The PMD is an integral part of every phase of the Rainmaker GPS proposal management process – from initial review and vetting of an opportunity to proposal kickoff to proposal response to contract award.

Recently, Rainmaker GPS began to share the PMD with clients immediately prior to the proposal Kickoff and the results have been very impressive. Kickoff presentations (PowerPoint slides and their associated discussions) have been reduced from an average of 51 minutes to under 33 minutes and the quality and percentage of completion of first drafts (pink team proposal versions) has increased by more than 75%. During proposal debriefs and lessons-learned sessions, the PMD has been specifically cited as an outstanding benefit and invaluable tool for its playbook qualities, its identification of all proposal elements, and its use as a primary "Designator" to ensure full coverage of all primary and secondary writing assignments and color team reviews.   

While the Rainmaker GPS PMD is customized for each solicitation, the 16 primary components are:

  1. Compliance Matrix
  2. Performance Work Statement (PWS), Statement of Work (SOW), or Summary of Work Breakdown
  3. Proposal Schedule
  4. Key Personnel
  5. Win Themes, Differentiators, Discriminators
  6. Performance Confidence Assessment
  7. Corporate/Team Capability Matrix and Analysis (Gap Analysis)
  8. Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats (SWOT) Analysis
  9. Writing Assignment and Color Team Proofing Determination
  10. Key Word Analysis
  11. Federal Agency Information
  12. Proposal Checklist
  13. Team Member Contact Information
  14. Questions to be Submitted
  15. File Names
  16. Proposal Component Formatting Instructions