Do You Quality for the Rainmaker VAP Program?
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The Rainmaker Virtual Accelerator Program is designed for and offered exclusively to Special Small Business Government Contractors, those firms with an average three-year revenue of no greater than 15% of their primary NAICS Code (or no greater than 15% of the maximum allowable employees under the NAICS Code, if applicable).

The Rainmaker VAP Program includes and is limited to the same industries as our Meridian program (see "Industries Supported"), which includes 115 NAICS Codes and a total of 10 different Small Business Size Standards ranging from $38.5 annually to 500 total employees as noted in the chart to the right.

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Click on the image to the left for a full breakdown and description of each NAICS Code, its corresponding small business size standard, and maximum VAP-allowed three-year average revenue to quality for entry into the VAP Program. 

The three-year size is calculated by adding together the 2014, 2015, and 2016 annual revenue. The total revenue for those three years is then divided by three - this is the three-year average. A simple example is NAICS Code 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services with a $15 million maximum. 

As noted in chart above, a $15 million NAICS code has a three-year average maximum of $2,250,000 (15% of the size standard of $15 million). 

For this example, let us assume that a small business had the following annual revenue for the past three years:

2014 = $1,500,000
2015 = $1,800,000
2016 = $2,500,000

Three-year Total Revenue = $5,800,000

Three-year Average Annual Revenue = $1,933,000

The company in this example would qualify for the Rainmaker VAP program because its
three-year average revenue is less than 15% of its primary NAICS Codes, in this example that average is $2,250,000. Even though this company's 2016 exceeded the 15% maximum, entry in the Rainmaker VAP program is based the average revenue over the past three years. 

So once you are in the VAP program, how long can you stay?

Excellent question.

Click on the image to the right for a summary of Rainmaker VAP Program Services and Benefits including Program Qualifications and Restrictions.