VAP Hours

Borrowing from the more traditional accelerator model, the Rainmaker Virtual Accelerator Program (Rainmaker VAP or VAP) includes Office Hours – scheduled (and oftentimes unscheduled) conversations with a client regarding any and every aspect of government contracting and the growth of a company in the government marketplace (federal, state, local, educational).


These individual conversations happen during the office hours our clients book online – and there is no limit to the number of office hours a VAP client can book. Clients talk to us as often as they wish, which in practice varies greatly depending on the client and where we are in the accelerator cycle. VAP’s office hour software is designed not just to book slots, but to show us if VAP clients are getting enough time with us. The office hour request queue shows us how many clients need to speak with us and when it gets long, we schedule additional blocks of office hours.


What we talk about at office hours also depends on the VAP client and where we are in their growth cycle. Usually we talk about whatever is the most urgent question right now. Sometimes, especially early on, the most urgent question is to figure out what the most urgent question should be. That’s less trivial than it sounds; we spend a lot of time explaining to VAP Clients what not to worry about.


About 10% of the time we talk not about immediate problems but about the big vision for the company. You don’t have to be bound by this, but it’s good to have one. Some startups arrive with a big vision already, but most don’t. It’s a useful exercise to spend some time thinking about what the path would be from what a startup is doing now to a giant company, even if that’s not the current goal of the founders. Helping founders come up with these big visions is one of our strengths, because we’ve explored so much of the space of startup ideas that we know what’s over each hill.