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About Rainmaker

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Rembrandt, Da Vinci, and Monet Used three primary colors

​Einstein, Newton, and Pythagoras used the ten digits on every calculator

​Bach, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky had seven basic notes

​3 Colors - 10 Digits - 7 Notes


It is what you do with the tools, skills, experience, and knowledge you have that determines your success or failure


The Rainmaker Government Proposal Solutions (Rainmaker) approach to client success stems from our understanding of and adherence to well-defined, strategic superior business development, proposal creation, marketing, and capture management strategies that give our clients a competitive advantage.

Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is one of the world’s leading sources on strategy and competition. In The Art of War, Sun Tzu forcefully proclaimed, “Opportunities Multiply as they are Seized.” This strategy was embraced by the founders of Rainmaker long before the teachings of Sun Tzu became fashionable in quotes, movies (e.g., Wall Street, The Star Wars Trilogy, James Bond's Die Another Day) and in business course lectures and classroom curriculum around the world including the U.S. Department of the Army Command and General Staff College, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (British).

Why is this Important? 

When we speak of the Rainmaker Opportunity in reference to Sun Tzu’s Multiplication of Opportunities strategy, we refer specifically to the competitive advantage Rainmaker affords its clients through adherence to time-tested, superior tactics, and the application of leading treatises on strategy and implementation as they relate to competitive environments. It is these milieus where companies find themselves contesting with one another for a specific goal (winning a contract opportunity, developing a strategic advantage, overcoming challenges, partnering with the correct company(ies), hiring qualified personnel).

Over time, the inclusion of Rainmaker in a company’s research, short- and long-term strategic development, proposal management, and business processes gives our clients a sustainable and competitive advantage that becomes an integral component of the firm’s overall corporate strategy.

The competition among public and private sector companies in today’s business world is more robust, smarter, and faster than at any other time in history – and significant growth in the number of competitors has resulted in a highly aggressive, cutthroat business environment. This hyper-competition has evolved into an ecosphere where the rate of change in the competitive process is in such flux that only the most adaptive, fleet, and agile organizations will survive.

While written more than 2,600 years ago in approximately 500 B.C., The Art of War remains a leading discourse on confronting and defeating opponents through superior strategy. Rainmaker’s processes and strategies for determining client differentiators are based, in part, on the concepts learned from Sun Tzu. It is through a battle-tested, refined client analysis process and query system that we are able to determine every sustainable, competitive advantage (differentiators) our client holds.  

Rainmaker works in partnership with our clients to:

  • Secure government contracts

    • Federal and SLED (State, Local, Educational institution) by developing and submitting winning proposals

  • Win a Government Contract Vehicle

    • IDIQ, GWAC, and/or MAC - current opportunities include GSA STARS III, FAA eFast, HHS CIO-SP4

      • IDIQ = Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity / GWAC = Governmentwide Acquisition Contract / MAC = Multiple Award Contract 

      • Market your ​IDIQ, GWAC, and/or MAC

    • Get on the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule (FSS)

      • Obtain/apply for a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)

      • Market your GSA Schedule

      • Add Special Item Numbers (SINs) and/or Labor Categories (LCATs) to a current GSA MAS

  • Win Task Order awards through government Contract Vehicles

  • Develop a company-specific Strategic Plan 

  • Increase profitability and sustainability by implementing and managing a bespoke Strategic Plan

  • Enter the government (public sector) arena - become a government contractor

  • Create marketing (capture) and business plans (story line and functional plans) including the SBA 1010C Business Plan

  • Retain a current GSA Schedule when challenged by GSA due to lack of activity on Schedule

  • Garner name recognition via branding to increase teaming opportunities and government agency relationships

Rainmaker recognizes the challenges that face small to mid-sized growing organizations. Our practice focuses on serving this market segment and is not limited by industry or stage of growth. Our full range of strategic business services helps business owners and managers overcome the financial, marketing, expansion, and regulatory problems experienced by all growing companies. We do what we do best while our clients focus on their core competencies and do what they do best – an unbeatable business strategy and proven formula for success.

For more than 42 years, the Rainmaker professionals have acted as principal outside advisors or in-house consultants for more than 474 companies in more than 36 industries. At Rainmaker, we recognize that our clients’ functional, technical, and industry requirements drive our engagement. We focus on cost-effective solutions and deliver timely recommendations and results. Our experienced business professionals proactively manage scope, objectives, and costs while remaining committed fully to our clients’ satisfaction and success.



In The Art of War, ancient military general, strategist, and philosopher Sun Tzu declared, "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war - defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

Rainmaker lives by these words and over the years is a recognized expert in the development of client-specific 'bespoke' strategic marketing and capture plans for government contractors in any stage of growth. Rainmaker is a strategic expert and hidden asset to any firm seeking public sector (federal and SLED (state, local, and education)) contracts.


Rainmaker is an IDIQ, GWAC, and GSA Schedule expert - we have won 159 IDIQ contracts for 141 clients in the past 12 years with a total contract value of greater than $87 billion. Competition for these most valuable contracts is tougher, smarter, and faster than at any time in history. Only the most adaptive and nimble organizations will survive the government's paradigm shift from stand-alone contract opportunities to the dominant use of multiple award contracts and blanket purchase agreements (BPAs), e.g., GSA Schedules.   


Winning an IDIQ or GWAC, or earning a place on the GSA Schedule, is an outstanding accomplishment - but only the beginning. With the IDIQ/GWAC contract or GSA Schedule in hand, you have the right to hunt, but not the guarantee to ever win, a task order contract. Rainmaker has achieved outstanding success for its clients in the task order arena where we have assisted our clients in winning $936.3 million in task order awards. 


Writing a winning government proposal - where Rainmaker started in 1981. Since then, we have completed more than 8,100 proposals for 474 clients in 36 industries. We are experts in all phases of proposal management, and can deliver a broad suite of "impact" proposal services and solutions. As a fiscally conservative company that leverages all current technologies, we are able to provide competitive pricing on our client engagements. 


Entering the public sector (the government market) is a daunting task for even the most seasoned and successful commercial firms. Government websites and some consultants make it appear that success in the public arena is within the reach of every firm. This is simply not true. You will hear or read that the government is seeking new vendors - this is an unfair exaggeration that makes it appear that the transition into the public sector is readily achievable, and that success is only a step away.


Do not be misled into believing that hiring a company to complete a few forms, securing a CAGE Code and Universal Identification Number (UEI), formerly a DUNS number, and searching for contract opportunities will earn you a government contract. You need a company-specific, strategic plan to ensure success. For more than four decades, Rainmaker has assisted dozens of firms in overcoming the myriad of obstacles every firm encounters when entering the government space - we are experts in this area. 

Our Services


Rainmaker's development and implementation of successful business strategies and marketing campaigns, coupled with it superior proposal development and business communication expertise is nationally renowned. A brief summary of several recent projects includes:

Transportation and Logistics Company — 57 years in business prior to engaging Rainmaker:  
Rainmaker architected and implemented a highly successful business and strategic marketing plan that resulted in the doubling of annual revenue in less that a one year after engaging Rainmaker. We re-branded the company, performed a six-month industry and competitive analysis, and located two vertical markets in which the company could expand. Rainmaker managed the company's marketing, communications, and sales programs oversaw the firm's expansion into the intermodal/rail and warehousing sectors and international freight forwarding. 

After Rainmaker assumed controlled of this firm's strategic, financial, and marketing efforts, its annual revenues increased from $5.7 million to greater than $180 million in less than six (6) years. This company was sold to a multinational, $30 billion publicly-traded logistics company for more than $45 million in an acquisition that included guaranteed payments, common stock, and a five-year earn-out.

Chemical Manufacturer and Franchiser — 15 years in business prior to engaging Rainmaker:  
Rainmaker performed an analysis of this company's multi-state manufacturing facilities and 420 unit franchise operations. Rainmaker determined that the client was not operating within the requirements of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and various state franchise laws regarding franchises, and further was not administering its advertising budget within the constraints defined in its Franchise Agreement and/or Franchise Disclosure Document. 

Rainmaker designed and implemented a marketing plan, which earned this company the prestigious Frost and Sullivan Marketing Engineering Award for Competitive Strategy. Rainmaker worked in concert with the company's legal team to revise all agreements and contracts. Rainmaker developed, designed, and presented to the company's franchise network a comprehensive business and marketing plan that resulted in the retention of all 420 existing franchises. The company was sold less than two years later to the largest chemical company in the world, and the franchise network has grown 51% since the implementation of the plan designed by Rainmaker.

Information Technology Company — Start-Up:  
Rainmaker developed and designed this company's business/marketing strategies, and implemented and managed its strategic plan. Rainmaker provided sales and marketing expertise, and staffed the sales division of the company with Rainmaker personnel.

The company closed greater than $5 million in annual contracts and secured three (3) multi-year government contracts in the first six (6) months of operations.

Wholesaler of Goods and Services — Four years in business prior to engaging Rainmaker: 
Rainmaker performed a detailed financial and business analysis of this firm and created a strategic marketing plan. Rainmaker authored/developed a detailed operations plan and provided sales expertise and personnel that resulted in first-year sales to the government of greater than $6 million.

In its first seven (7) months as a client of Rainmaker, this firm entered into more than $6 million in contracts with the U.S. federal government. We structured, negotiated, and closed a $3.492 million 8(a) sole-source contract for this client in less than five (5) days. 

Paper Converting Company — Two years in business prior to engaging Rainmaker:  
Rainmaker revised this company's entire corporate image as part of a six-month rebranding process. Rainmaker architected and managed the firm's business plan, the marketing plan, and sales efforts.  

The company grew from $100,000 in annual revenue to greater than $3.6 million in annual sales in its first year of operation after engaging the services of Rainmaker.

Family-Owned Chemical Wholesaler — Five years in business prior to engaging Rainmaker: 
Rainmaker performed a financial analysis, developed a comprehensive marketing plan, and assisted in the authoring of a 75-page strategic plan to enter the public sector. Rainmaker managed the firm's SBA 8(a) and GSA Schedule submissions, all successful, and authored and co-implemented a detailed marketing and operations plan that resulted in first year sales of greater than $22 million. 

Total revenue of the firm reached more than $100 million in six years. The company sold for a mid-eight figure cash deal. 

Holding Company — Six years in business prior to engaging Rainmaker: 
After failing to secure financing three times over a one-year period, this firm contracted with Rainmaker to develop financial projections, a comprehensive business plan, a marketing plan, and a loan request package. 

The company received a multi-million dollar working line of credit from Merrill Lynch Financial Services.

Success Stories


President and Founder

Top 15 U.S. Information Technology Firm (per Washington Technology)

“Rainmaker created an outstanding and innovative proposal for our firm. They own the "secret sauce" and produced the best proposal we have ever submitted. It exceeded our expectations and we were awarded a $12 billion prime IDIQ contract.

Company Owner

Woman-Owned and 8(a) Small Business Consulting Firm

"Rainmaker was very responsive to all of our inquiries. We could tell from their write-ups and data calls that they have deep proposal development experience. They kept us fully compliant with all RFP requirements. Thanks for a job well done! Oh, and we won the contract.

Division President

 $30 Billion Multinational Logistics Company 

"The Rainmaker execs and team are at the top of their game. They delivered the best proposal development, 

management, and writing I have ever seen. We changed our strategies to include the Rainmaker team in every one of our 'must-win' proposals.

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