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What is a Rainmaker?

A Rainmaker . . . 

In many dozens of world mythologies, a Rainmaker, or rain god, brings rain to the earth to make things

grow - giving man the sustenance that he needs to live.

In the modern world, the term Rainmaker can apply to anyone – from the marketing or salesperson

who always finishes first in sales or closes the biggest deals to the engineer who consistently develops

innovative ways to present a company’s products to the program manager that increases production

while reducing costs.

In the purest sense, a Rainmaker is a difference maker.

Just as too little rain causes drought and prevents vegetation (or your business) from thriving, too much rain causes flooding which leads to devastation. Likewise, too much business, or the search for too much business, over a limited period, can stretch the management and operational resources of a business to the point of destruction.

At Rainmaker GPS, we are difference makers! We have developed a delicate balance in the management of our client engagements by greatly reducing both the physical stress and resource drain caused by the strategic planning and proposal writing and management processes.

We assist clients by developing, implementing, and managing customized, strategic plans that serve as each company's premeditated and calculated blueprint designed to predict and capitalize on each phase of growth in a manner most beneficial to the company. We take our name seriously and are Rainmakers in the real and mythological sense. Give us a chance to show you what we can do.   

Famous Rainmakers Throughout History

Gods of rain and weather in regional mythology:

Mesoamerica Mythology

  • Chaac - in Maya religion

  • Tohil - in K'iche' Maya mythology

  • Q'uq'umatz - another K'iche' Maya rain god

  • Tlaloc - in Aztec and all the other Nahua religions

  • Cocijo - in Zapotec religion

  • Tirípeme Curicaueri - in Purépecha religion

  • Dzahui - in Mixtec religion

  • Mu'ye - in Otomi religion

  • Jaguar - in Olmec religion

  • Quiateot of the Nicarao people in Nicaragua


Hawaiian Mythology

  • Lono - also a fertility god


North America Mythology

  • Yuttoere - in De'ne' and Carrier

  • Asiaq - goddess among Greenlandic Inuit and Inuit in Northern Canada

  • Shotokunungwa of Hopi people

  • Tó Neinilii of Navajo people

  • Coyote (Navajo mythology)

Norse Mythology

  • Freyr - god of rain, sunshine, summer and fertility

  • Þórr - god of heaven, of thunder, of lightning, of rain.

  • Óðinn - god of the sky and the wind.

  • Njörðr - god of harvest, fertility and seasons.

  • Ullr - god of snow and winter.

  • Þorgerðr - goddess of the hail storm.

  • Irpa - goddess of hail storm.

  • Rán - goddess of the sea storms.

Hindu Mythology

  • Indra

  • Mariamman

  • Parjanya

  • Shakambhari

  • Surupa - sky goddess who brings rain

  • Varuna


Lithuanian Mythology

  • Blizgulis - god of snow


Slavic mythology

  • Dodola - goddess of rain

  • Dudumitsa - Bulgarian goddess of rain


African Mythology

  • Achek - wife of the rain god Deng in Dinka mythology

  • Mangwe - a water spirit known as "the flooder" in the beliefs of the Ila people of Zambia

  • Oya - goddess of violent rainstorms in Yoruba mythology


South America Mythology

  • Eschetewuarha of Chamacoco

  • Chibchacum in the religion of the Muisc 


Middle Eastern Mythology

  • Baal

  • Adad


Tibetan Mythology

  • Kalden

  • Lumo - sky goddess of rain and mist


Australian Aboriginal Dreaming

  • The Wandjina - cloud and rain spirits from Australian Aboriginal mythology 

Greek-Roman Mythology

  • Zeus/Jupiter - god of the sky, rain, lightning, and thunder

  • Poseidon/Neptune - god of the sea storms

  • Iris - goddess of rainbow

  • Fulgora - lightning goddess

  • Aeolus - king of the winds

  • Uranus/Caelus - god of heaven

  • Aether - god of the air

  • Tempestas - storm goddess


Indian Mythology

  • Indra - god of the sky, rain, and thunder

  • Vayu - god of the wind

  • Maruts - storm gods

  • Dyaus - god of heaven

  • Saranyu - goddess of the clouds


Egyptian Mythology

  • Seth - god of storms

  • Nut - goddess of the sky

  • Horus - god of the sky and the sun

  • Shu - god of the air


Mesopotamian Mythology

  • Haddad - god of the storm

  • Enlil - god of air and wind

  • Anu - god of heaven

  • Ninlil - air goddess


Celtic Mythology [Gaulish and Brythonic deities]

  • Ambisagrus - god of storm

  • Leucetius - god of thunder


Tlaloc - the Aztec Rain God

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